Ferrite Loop Antenna – Hard Core DX on Medium Waves

After the job done, let’s have fun !

This loop antenna is composed by a bundle of ferrite rods, a variable capacitor and litz wire proper to the center portion of the medium wave frequency band.

More construction details can be reach at: http://www.sarmento.eng.br/Loop_Ferrite_Rod_Antenna.htm

The following video is a demonstration of signal increase using this monster ferrite loop antenna.

The shack located in Maricá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a low noise site, lakeside, and near the open ocean.

The GPS coordinates of the shack are :

S 22.9320°
O 42.8691°

The DX MW station is FIRS Falklands 530 kHz that could be heard loud and clear with the aid of the ferrite loop antenna.

Falklands/Malvinas Islands are located 1,500 miles away from the shack and according to information published on the net, the station uses a low power transmitter, and in spite of it’s own local programs, also relay the BBC World Services at 00:00 UTC.

The Grundig YB400PE is a top performer on medium wave band, it’s very sensitive, has excellent image rejection, and it’s narrow filter allows good dxing. I have already compared both the classic Sony ICF-2010 and the Grundig YB400PE and results are very similar, specially coupled to loop antennas. The AM-Sync of the Sony is a must, but the better narrow filter of the Grundig (compared to the Sony’s stock one) sometimes makes the difference for DX.

PS: Note the background noise cause by the digital hash of the camera.

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