The world’s most trusted provider of fully managed, end-to-end communications to remote and harsh environments

The complexity of telecommunications using satellite is very high, imagine now provide full telecom services for off shore operations…

Internet, voice, data communication, video and monitoring system 24 hour a day, to support oil and gas prospection and production, regarding human safety and environment protection which demands almost military class equipment and high level services.

Ocean, sea, salt water, extremely powerful winds, tide waves, electrical thunder storms, helicopter operations and so on off shore…

This is what we face all the time to apply technology to off shore operations, managing high trained teams.

Not only for defense, energy or maritime industry, but for all aspects of telecommunications where reliable communications are demanded in all sort of fields.

Let´s look at the skies and try to imagine what is around us, and what mother nature makes it possible by radio waves.

It´s electricity and RF – Radio Frequency – that runs our civilization.

I like it. I do it.

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