Bicicleta in Macaé … The Oil City

After a full day working to support off shore operations at full power, a brief but excellent riding at night.

The Cavaleiros Beach, the most famous of Macae City is the route of restaurants and people walking around, and of course, riding bikes all over its extension.

Bicicleta Trek 4500 Disc
Bike in Cavaleiros Beach, Macae, riding a Trek 4500, not rainy night but heavy salt water spray from the ocean

The strong and constant wind, and sometimes strong salt water spray over your face, makes biking a little bit funny but regarding the life time of your bike and accessories, a plenty of aggression to all components.

While people spend lots of time inside a house walking to go nowhere, riding a biking will never be beated, as you can feel the wind, the salt water, see beautiful girls jogging and smiling, and feel free to accelerate and push your limits.

Bicicleta Trek 4500 Disc
After 10 years, meeting with an old-new friend from Italy in front of Luca restaurant, the best of the city

Our planet Earth’s circumference at the Equator is around 40,000 km but it is still small, because you can find people you met long time ago in almost everywhere.

With a friend Maximo, from Italy, which lives on Macae and enjoy biking too.

New routes to come!

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